Murdock Family Vacation to Punta Mita - 2023
Nicholas Murdock From Salt Lake City Utah
Nicholas Murdock

Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico Family Vacation Sept 2023

Family vacation down to Punta Mita to explore the area and surrounding towns of Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta.

July 1, 2024

Punta Mita Family Vacation Sept 2022

We took a trip down to explore the coast of Mexico with my little family and mother. Most of my siblings had already made this trek here a few times before us, so we figured it was time to go check it out!

Just arrived at Iberostar - Nick Murdock and family Mexico vacation
Catamaran Adventure With My Girls!

Traveling into Punta Mita and flying out of Salt Lake City is a breeze. It's a quick non-stop 3-1/2 hour flight and you are landing in PVR. From there it's a pretty quick drive up the coast to the tiny town of Punta Mita. I wanted to rent a car so we could have access to go to different beaches, but because it was so small we had to send my mother and kids with a transport service to the resort. We had decided to come down during Mexico Independence Day celebrated on September 16th, commemorating the freedom of Mexico from Spanish rule. It was a bit more special as the hotel was gearing up for all the festivities, and most of the guests at the hotel were on vacation domestically to celebrate.

Murdock Family Sunset On The Beach
Sunset with my girls in Punta Mita Mexico.

The resorts was huge, full of life and people and a Mariachi band to boot, but far and away my most faviorte activity was sufing. I have some great photos i'll have to add of that later.

Mariachi band
Mariachi band!
Maddie and Daddy
Maddie and Daddy

We took a adventure catamaran trip to Hidden Beach where I had an extremely frightening event happen. There is only access to get inside the circular rock structure through a sea access tunnel. When we went to leave, our guide timed our exit wrong and I was pinned up against the cealing of the cave which was flooded for about twenty seconds. It was terrifying. But after that, the rest of the boat adventure went off great. The girls went on the water slides on the boat, and we went snorkeling as well. Overall I would say Hidden Beach is worth going to for sure.

My brave wife surfin!
Chels being brave and getting out on the longboard at Playa La Lancha!

I loved being able to spend some quality time with my mother, she rented a jazzy scooter so it was easier to get around, and had a great time playing with the grandkids at the beach.

Non Stop Delta To PVR
Up in the sky with my momma!

Next time we go back, which is only a few short weeks away, i'm going to make sure we try out the zip lines and a few maybe more off the map food options. Overall it was a total success, most people you meet are friendly enough, it would sure pay to learn Spanish a bit better however. Maybe I can pick it up a bit more down the road! Thanks for reading-

Ibero Star
Iberostar Punta Mita Mexico

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